Melbourne to Canberra: The Final Road Trip!

So we finally made it to the ending leg of our 10000 kilometre road trip from Port Douglas to Adelaide,  around the coast and back to Canberra. We’d both enjoyed Melbourne and it really is one of the better Australian cities to visit, but with Nicola looking for farm work and her mum coming to visit once more we made our way towards Canberra.

Baby Penguins
Baby Penguins on Phillip Island

Time was on our side so we headed to a free camp south of the city where we spent a couple of nights waiting for some really good weather to move back in before we visited Phillip Island. The spot we found was beautiful at the head of a bay and right on the beach. We spent a couple days of relaxing and the odd swim in the sea.

Whilst here we also visited the local Specsavers as my branch in fleet had emailed me my prescription to get myself a replacement set of specs. Specsavers Australia have a great understanding and appreciation of their UK cousins and it was a breeze to get a replacement with the same friendly service I get in the UK. I was also given a free trail pack of contact lenses to tide me over until I arrived to collect my new pair in Canberra as I was running low! This combined with the fact I managed to bag two pairs of designer specs, one polarised and one with an anti glare coating, for only £120 made my day!

Finally we had some guaranteed sunshine and we made our way across the bridge to Phillip Island and spend the day exploring the beautiful island before making our way back to the mainland. We had discussed staying to watch the Penguins returning from their daily fish but the cost coupled with the fact we managed to spot a few gorgeous baby penguins gave us motivation to move onwards.

Must get a kayak when I get home...
Must get a kayak when I get home…

After Phillip Island we took an overnight stop at Cape Patterson, this time at a camp site to allow us both a much needed shower. The camp site was a short walk from a great stretch of beach and I even got the kite out for a couple of hours in the evening! Our next stop saw us at a free-camp at the edge of Lake Wellington; possibly the windiest lake in the world. Hurricanes aside it was a picturesque rest stop for us.

We then drove a little further to Merimbula Lake, where we spent the remaining week before we headed into Canberra relaxing at a great Caravan Park. As it was now out of school holidays and the weather had picked up we made the most of relaxing by the pool most days of our stay. The camp site’s tennis court also meant that Nicola and Myself could have the tennis games we had been talking about since we first met each other.

Aside from this we found a little place by the lake to rent kayaks from and on their suggestion took out their pedal kayaks a couple of times. This was a great choice as we could switch from peddling to paddling and back again as our arms and legs gave up on us! Not that it was at all taxing on the calm waters of Merimbula Lake. All in all we’ve had a good little fitness regime going whilst we’ve stopped here.

Nicola and Her Horse
Nicola and Her Horse

After one of the kayak sessions we took a short drive out to Oaklands Farm for a wander around their gift shop, cafe, garden centre and most importantly their petting zoo. Nicola immediately located the large working horses and spent a while socialising with them. Luckily I managed to explain that a large, and these were very large, working horse would not fit in the back of the car.

Still being right on the coast we managed to take some nice walks along the surround beaches with an interesting river crossing on one of the beaches proving amusing as we watched one another cross falling into holes into the sand underneath!

Tomorrow we head into Canberra to meet up with Nicola’s mum for a week, before I head off for a little solo sightseeing and Nicola goes to pick some fruit. I am sure it will be hard saying goodbye to my best friend who I’ve spent the last nine months attached too but I am sure there will be an emotional write up in the next blog!

A Ginger Down Under
10th February 2016

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