Canberra Christmas

On the morning we were due to head down from the Blue Mountains and into Canberra our car battery decided not to start but luckily a good Samaritan was able to give us the jump start which go us on the road. We arrived in Canberra for our Christmas stay with Nicola’s relatives, Erica, Reg and Icon the dog without a hitch and spent our first evening meeting/catching up with Erica and Reg.

The next day we headed to see Nicola’s Granny who was unfortunately in hospital but in great spirits and Nicola had a good catch up in the Cafe over a hot drink. Afterwards we headed across town to grab a new battery for the car before finding time to swing by the cinema to catch the new Star Wars film. For dinner, Erica and Reg had invited their daughter Katherine over and we had a fun evening gossiping.

We took a day sightseeing, spending the morning at the War Memorial before heading around a few of the mountain lookouts and up the Telstra Tower for an even better view of Canberra. We then headed back to the house via a little Christmas shopping. Feeling all festive we spent the evening making some mince pies for everybody.

Nicola and her female Canberra relatives!
Nicola and her female Canberra relatives!

A second visit to see Nicola’s Granny saw her in even higher spirits, before heading for a long afternoon strolling around Canberra’s botanical gardens. After dinner we headed back into town to meet up with, Diane, a friend of Nicola’s parents and her two daughters all of whom Nicola had not seen since she last came out when she was 13. We had a good giggle and a few drinks to see Christmas Eve out before heading back to the house.

CHRISTMAS DAY!!! Our first Australian Christmas and breakfast on the barbie! We were lucky enough to join Erica, Reg and their daughters for breakfast before heading over to the hospital to see Nicola’s Granny again who, once again, seemed even better. We the headed over to the home of another of Nicola’s relatives, Laurie, for a big family Christmas Dinner followed by an afternoon swimming in the pool! Christmas sucks out here! Once we got back to Erica’s we spent the evening Skyping everybody back home for Christmas.

We are headed to Sydney, where we are booked in to spend New Years, but we’ve stopped off at Daly’s Clearing in Belanglo State Forest, the place where Ivan Millat buried seven backpackers which were found in the early 90s. So hopefully we’ll make it till morning and continue our journey to Sydney.

A Ginger Down Under
27th December 2015

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