Kuala Lumpur

Heathrow is Heathrow and Terminal 4 gave us what you expect when traveling from Heathrow; albeit with a lack of places to buy new converses (mine had given up the ghost whilst packing). We boarded our Etihad A380 without a hitch and enjoyed a relaxing 6 and a half hours to Abu Dhabi. Having arrived slightly late to Abu Dhabi and with a 45 minute transit; we were prepared for the mad dash across the airport to make our next flight. Luckily however we were apprehended by airport staff, rounded up alongside the 30 or so Kuala Lumpur bound passengers, power walked through the airport and pushed through priority security. Given the fact the two of us had stuck behind the airport staff like glue, we were among the small group of passengers who seemed to actually make it to the gate. Read More

A Ginger Down Under
13th June 2015